Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding Festivities Part 1

My brother got married to a great girl a couple weeks ago and it was pretty much a min-family reunion. We had such a blast. "We" being: my mom, aunt, sisters, cousins, grandpa and his wife...the list goes on!

Growing up, I thought everyone considered shopping a past time/hobby...turns out everyone doesn't. But my family does, so of course we put in plenty of shopping downtown Flagstaff and even the good 'ol Flagstaff Mall. Rob was a little bummed that none of the other husbands could show for the event, so he managed to keep himself busy and avoid the mall at the same time.

It was so much fun to hang out with these women that I love so much and grew up with. The kids behaved for the most part so that's always a great bonus!

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