Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Hero in the Bakery Department

I thought you would all like to see the camera phone picture of Robbie in his "SSSSuper RRRobbie" cape at Target. So, here you go. Proof that he is a bit on the strange side!

I also included a picture of Elise in the cart....she is SO big. I can't beleive she is almost a year old. In a way its really exciting because that means she can feed herself as entertainment, which comes in really handy. And also that she is about to be able to drink milk instead of formula (CHA CHING). But it's sad, because she's really growing out of that baby phase and into the toddler. Although she isn't "toddling" at all, or even crawling for that matter, so maybe she'll hang onto the baby-ness for a while longer!

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K-Mama said...

That picture of Robbie is priceless, Val. Love it. And Elise is a DOLL. You're lucky she looks like a girl and you don't have to clarify her gender to everyone like I do for Jane. Oh, and I also have to assure people that I am not overfeeding my child. lol