Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Real Pain in the Neck

You know that saying, "he's a real pain in the neck!"? Well...this week I am beginning to understand why someone saying that about you could be so offensive. I've had a stiff neck here and there over the years along with the occasional sore neck that you had to turn your entire body to see something or someone. But never actual neck "pain". I didn't even know neck pain could hurt like this. Last week I started to feel stiff and thought I was getting sick. Then by last weekend my neck was a little sore. On Tuesday night I think I slept a total of 45 minutes because I was in so much pain, and I barely functioned on Wednesday. Sweet Rob felt sorry for me and called the chiropractor right down the street...turns out they take our insurance and my neighbor was free to keep the kids. Two adjustments down--still a lot of pain but feeling a bit better. Now we'll see how this weekends camping trip helps. I'm pretty sure textbook treatment for neck pain is to sleep on the ground a few days.

Also, Just so you know, if you have chiropractic insurance, a "coupon" would be a better description of what it is.

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