Thursday, September 3, 2009

Horticultural Homicide

Before the serial killer messed with it.

After the serial killer.

For the second time I decided I should grow my own herbs. It can't be that hard afterall...."everyone" says they grow like weeds. So I got some advice on what to do from my friend Terah who grows her own herbs in her desert backyard. Then I came home from Trader Joe's with my own very alive and thriving basil plant. Well...mostly thriving. Elise got ahold of it somehow from her carseat and was munching on several leaves when we got home.

I plucked all the leaves off just like Terah showed me and made a delicious homemade pesto sauce with the basil. Then I watered it and set it on the kitchen table where lots of light comes in. I learned last time that when they say "full sun" on the tag...they don't mean: throw this plant out in the middle of the blazing sun in hell...err Phoenix in the summer.
WELL I tried, I failed. It seemed to be getting wilty after a week or so and I asked my friend and she said maybe I was watering it too much. So I backed off on the watering...then it got really dry so I watered it more. Then it started dying a slow and painful death. Then it was pretty much dead. I give up. I will just continue buying expensive basil and other herbs at the store all the while hoping that some scout from HGTV reads my blog and decides to come make-over my backyard and plant a thriving herb garden that will somehow magically self-sustain. Just add gardening on the list of things I can't do...right below sewing, yoga, electronic repair......the list goes on.


Life with the Campbells said...

Same thing happened to me... and I took advice from my Dad who grows amazing amazing basil in their backyard. You really do need to plant it in the ground. It just does so much better. It just needs to get partial sun. Ours just took off and is thriving. Hope that helps.

K-Mama said...

I have actually killed a cactus, so you're not too bad. And your list of things you can't do would totally apply to me too--I was just saying to Matt that I wish I could sew. I have some cushions I was to cover and it would be my dream to go to Joann's, pick some beautiful fabric, and just "whip up" some new cushions. Sadly, this will not happen. I will be venturing to Pier 1 and overpaying, I'm sure.