Sunday, March 20, 2011

Squishy Pig Party: Robbie is 5!

Singing Happy Birthday--He gets shy if he's the center of attention in a crowd...

It's hard to believe that we have a school-age child.  I feel like 5 minutes ago we were shocked to find out wI was pregnant with him!! EVERYone tells you that "it goes so fast" you just can't know how fast until you live it.  Sniff.

When we were in Vegas last spring with my aunt and uncle Robbie got this funky "squishy pig" at a kiosk inside the Circus Circus and ever since he wanted a "Squishy Pig Birthday Party." He wanted a party more than a trip to Disneyland with Dad so a Squishy Pig Party is what he got.  My Aunt Michelle made those pig cookies in Ohio and mailed them out for his party...they were a hit. Aunt of the Year award goes to her!

We had about 80 people at his party....he is loved.Posted by Picasa

Family Photo Shoot

This photo....just sums it up.

 These family photos were taken in November...again, I have a blogging commitment issue, but better late than never, right? I don't think I need to elaborate on how awesome KBH Photography is because the pictures speak for themselves.  We did our best to set her up for failure with the chaotic crying fits happening during our mini-session but, she overcame our curveballs and we are very happy with the results! 

Now, until our next session my kids will have snotty noses and dirty fingernails.Posted by Picasa

Christmas 2010

Waiting for Santa....then waiting some more.

After two hours of waiting, Robbie froze and asked Santa for a Snuggie...

There's no proof that I was there...but I was.  I'm thinking I need to make someone take more pictures of me so that my kids have memories of me!Posted by Picasa