Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Day in the Life

Robbie had to soak his feet because he got a thorn. He ended up giving himself a bath in that bucket.

My life is oh so--not exciting. To prove to you how un-exciting it is, the highlight of my day today is cooking a 4 lb bag of dried pinto beans. I got 4 lbs for $2.47 which equals at least 8-10 cans of pinto beans which would be $.88/each. You do the math. I'm freezing them in ziplocs to save for tacos, taco salad, refried beans, chili, bbq baked beans...that's my highlight. I'm also dividing up food service sized cans of tomato sauce, tomatoes, and ketchup for the freezer. I'm pretty sure when it's all said and done today I will have saved about $40.

But it's the little things that really get you by. And a lot of times I think that todders are God's punishment....for something. But a lot of times, he is the biggest blessing ever when I look over and he is sitting in the bouncy seat with Elise in his Spiderman underpants. So just a post of a couple pics of my cute-and-strange kids. I'd like to think Robbie gets his strange-ness from his dad....but I may have to take the credit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day at the Races

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and took Robbie to PIR for the day to see one of their friends race. He loved it. I'm afraid they've created a monster and forever Robbie will be dreaming of being the next Lightning McQueen...in real life. And also forever giving me nightmares of being the mother of a race car driver. BUT--really, God is in control of all of that and He answers prayer so hopefully Robbie will go to college and get a nice, safe job in business somewhere... so I'll get off my rabbit trail.
He had the time of his life! He sat in the car, wore the helmet, the gloves, the glasses, and said to Grandma and Grandpa, "I can drive this car." Funny little guy. In the meantime Rob and I had a day almost kid-free. Elise is an angel so we practically were alone! So, we did what every parent with a free day would do. Ate lunch at Culver's, Rob got a haircut while I read a book, took a nap...the usual exciting happenings of tired parents.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

One less single, available Laizure boy. So sad for so many! Micah and Shayla got married March 5th at the Castle at Ashley Manor. It was a georgeous location, a beautiful day, a perfect couple....Rob and I and Robbie were all in the wedding. It was a busy week but it turned out great and Robbie was an ANGEL! He was supposed to walk down the aisle, sit with Mona Lee and Papa Rob and eat his bag of gummy bears like a good boy. BUT, Robbie was a bit offended that he couldn't stand up there with the big guys...so he did. Silently. Like an Angel. He stood up there the entire ceremony and didn't make a peep. Up next...pigs fly.

Elise sat with Aunt Margaret and was a little angel too. Until she peed on Patty's leg. That was a downer, but poor girl needed a dry diaper! (don't tell CPS)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Zoo...Vol. 1

You've got to read the sign. Funny.

Well, it turns out that it's close to a million dollars just to get into the Wildlife World Zoo for the day, but for the bargain price of $150.00 Robbie and I could have an annual pass and go as often as we want and Rob could get in free...once. So--we did it. We acted like we were rich and broke the bank and swiped the card and bought that annual pass. So--this is the first of probably many posts about the zoo. Because of the frugal in me, I must get well more than my moneys worth out of that pass!

Robbie LOVED the zoo--he ran from animal to animal, I think my favorite moment was at the Wild Dog exhibit. They were sleeping and Robbie just stood there yelling, "Wild Gogs"... "Hey, Wild Gogs! Come Here!" Pretty cute. We had a fun time and were home in time for naps. Elise loved the zoo too--she slept nearly the entire time.
Zoo Passes: $150. Broken Sunglasses: $18. 3 Large Diet Cokes: $12. Packed Lunches: $4. Rob Taking the Day Off: Priceless.