Friday, March 20, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

One less single, available Laizure boy. So sad for so many! Micah and Shayla got married March 5th at the Castle at Ashley Manor. It was a georgeous location, a beautiful day, a perfect couple....Rob and I and Robbie were all in the wedding. It was a busy week but it turned out great and Robbie was an ANGEL! He was supposed to walk down the aisle, sit with Mona Lee and Papa Rob and eat his bag of gummy bears like a good boy. BUT, Robbie was a bit offended that he couldn't stand up there with the big he did. Silently. Like an Angel. He stood up there the entire ceremony and didn't make a peep. Up next...pigs fly.

Elise sat with Aunt Margaret and was a little angel too. Until she peed on Patty's leg. That was a downer, but poor girl needed a dry diaper! (don't tell CPS)

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