Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Zoo...Vol. 1

You've got to read the sign. Funny.

Well, it turns out that it's close to a million dollars just to get into the Wildlife World Zoo for the day, but for the bargain price of $150.00 Robbie and I could have an annual pass and go as often as we want and Rob could get in free...once. So--we did it. We acted like we were rich and broke the bank and swiped the card and bought that annual pass. So--this is the first of probably many posts about the zoo. Because of the frugal in me, I must get well more than my moneys worth out of that pass!

Robbie LOVED the zoo--he ran from animal to animal, I think my favorite moment was at the Wild Dog exhibit. They were sleeping and Robbie just stood there yelling, "Wild Gogs"... "Hey, Wild Gogs! Come Here!" Pretty cute. We had a fun time and were home in time for naps. Elise loved the zoo too--she slept nearly the entire time.
Zoo Passes: $150. Broken Sunglasses: $18. 3 Large Diet Cokes: $12. Packed Lunches: $4. Rob Taking the Day Off: Priceless.

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Shawna Rae said...

Paris' class goes there on a field trip Thursday. You are welcome to go chaperone!! I gave up chaperoning field trips LONG LONG ago!!! Or you can go spy on her....