Friday, April 24, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Well, I need to start logging some of the hilarious things that Robbie says and does, so here are a couple of recent quotes.

Yesterday he pulled out the microphone Aunt Margaret got him and walked into the kitchen and yelled "THIS is Ameeriah Idol". Do you think we watch too much tv? When Aunt Margaret got here to babysit he did it again for her (unprompted, I might add.)

He had a tummy ache after his nap one day last week and said, "Mom! My stomach hurts. I think there's a snake in there." Actually he was experiencing hunger pains and the "snake" went away after he ate two hot dogs, a stack of pringles, and a bunch of pineapple. Tonight in the bath tub after dinner he was "swimming" on his stomach and said "Mom, my tummy hurts, the snake is back."

I just love this sweet funny boy. Someday soon he will have enough of a social awareness to think about how things will sound before he says them, so we need to really enjoy this stuff while we can!

Oh, and to top it off last night he took a gun, a camera, and a pair of shoes to bed with him. I really hope he turns out ok.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Prayer

Tonight at dinner Robbie wanted to say the prayer. He's been really getting into praying...we don't think he actually believes in Jesus or has a relationship or is a "new creation" yet, but he sure is pretty dang adorable praying. This is not an exact quote, but pretty close to what he prayed. I just had to get it down before I forgot.

"Dear God. Thank you for the body. Thank you for the body. Bless the body. Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Baby Lise, Zacky. Oh, and Heather and Wayne and Sarah. Thank you food. And one, two, phree, four, nine, ten, weven, twelve, firteen. Amen."

Precious. I just love him. Especially when he isn't throwing a bag of groceries at me because he's mad. After dinner he was walking to the door to go outside and I said, "Hey buddy where are you going?" He answered, "Disneyland." Then just walked out the door and shut it and played with his shovel. He's a "character".

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Dedication

We got Elise (Elizabeth Joyce Laizure) dedicated at church a few Sunday's ago. A baby dedication is really nothing at all like a baby baptism. We don't beleive that she is "saved" now that she's been dedicated, and she didn't get baptized--that will be her choice someday as a profession of her own faith in Christ. BUT, what it really is for us, the parents. We stated before our church family (and God) that she is His baby, His daughter and that we are responsible to pray for her and be godly, Christ-like examples to her, and to teach her what the Bible says about how she should live her life. In essence, to raise "Elise up in the way that she should go."
We chose to do the dedication on Sunday night at the 6:00 service because that's the service we've been going to most of the time. Of course, we were running late which is somewhat of a comedy of errors in that we had a full 12 hours of wake-time to prepare for the service...but still were late. If it had been the 8:30 am service tardiness would've been understandable. Because of our tardiness Robbie's Sunday School class was full to ratio and was "closed"(of course!). On a normal day if that were to happen I would turn around and leave, take my wild toddler home and listen to the sermon online later in the week. This time I had to take the risk of taking my very active 3 year-old into big church. Luckily Uncle Micah and Aunt Shayla and Aunt Margaret were sitting in the back and he sat there with them like a little angel the entire baby dedication. (While eating 2 packs of fruit snacks and a granola bar--but hey, small price to pay for a quiet toddler in church) Oh, and Elise behaved like an angel as well.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, I haven't blogged in a while, but there is much to write about!

Elise has started "eating" cereal (eating is a very loose interpretation of what actually takes place). She typically pushes the majority of it straight out of her mouth but I guess it's training her to get used to food. I hope. I got some plastic bibs which are great because I can rinse them off, there's even a nice little pocket at the bottom to catch the excess! Elise continues to be a delight, she is so happy and smiley and puts up with a lot of "love" from her brother.

Robbie started "playing" soccer (which is also a loose interpretation of what takes place). It's really a class that the parents have to help supervise. His "coach" is this cute British high school boy who wears red shorts, a red Manchester United jersey, and red soccer socks. It's a pretty hilarious thing to watch. Rob insisted that Robbie wear soccer cleats, to which I countered that he would be the only child dressed for actual soccer play and that the other kids would be in their light-up velcro shoes. Still, Rob insisted. So--as you can see from the pics Robbie was the only child dressed for soccer, but Rob was happy and we were able to borrow the shoes so it all worked out. Twenty minutes into his practice Robbie had come to get ten drinks of water... thirty minutes into it, he told Rob he was sick and had to stop playing. (In his defense, his face was red). However, he somehow wasn't too sick to go to the neighbor's birthday party afterward. He's a pretty funny kid.