Friday, April 24, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Well, I need to start logging some of the hilarious things that Robbie says and does, so here are a couple of recent quotes.

Yesterday he pulled out the microphone Aunt Margaret got him and walked into the kitchen and yelled "THIS is Ameeriah Idol". Do you think we watch too much tv? When Aunt Margaret got here to babysit he did it again for her (unprompted, I might add.)

He had a tummy ache after his nap one day last week and said, "Mom! My stomach hurts. I think there's a snake in there." Actually he was experiencing hunger pains and the "snake" went away after he ate two hot dogs, a stack of pringles, and a bunch of pineapple. Tonight in the bath tub after dinner he was "swimming" on his stomach and said "Mom, my tummy hurts, the snake is back."

I just love this sweet funny boy. Someday soon he will have enough of a social awareness to think about how things will sound before he says them, so we need to really enjoy this stuff while we can!

Oh, and to top it off last night he took a gun, a camera, and a pair of shoes to bed with him. I really hope he turns out ok.

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Headcased Housewife said...

Your final thoughts have me peeing my pants. So much for teddy bears!