Monday, April 20, 2009

The Prayer

Tonight at dinner Robbie wanted to say the prayer. He's been really getting into praying...we don't think he actually believes in Jesus or has a relationship or is a "new creation" yet, but he sure is pretty dang adorable praying. This is not an exact quote, but pretty close to what he prayed. I just had to get it down before I forgot.

"Dear God. Thank you for the body. Thank you for the body. Bless the body. Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Baby Lise, Zacky. Oh, and Heather and Wayne and Sarah. Thank you food. And one, two, phree, four, nine, ten, weven, twelve, firteen. Amen."

Precious. I just love him. Especially when he isn't throwing a bag of groceries at me because he's mad. After dinner he was walking to the door to go outside and I said, "Hey buddy where are you going?" He answered, "Disneyland." Then just walked out the door and shut it and played with his shovel. He's a "character".


Little House in the Desert said...

SO cute! Just another reminder to me that we moms need to write these cute little things down so we don't forget! I taught Anya Ps.23 and now she knows it by heart but a few months ago when she was just learning it I caught her walking around saying, "The lord is my shepherd, I shall not do. he makes me happy."

Dana Alison said...

I LOVE it!! He is very cute...especially the Disneyland part;o) lol So did he make it all the way there yet?!? I just love kids in those moments, they make you LOVE life!!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh,I just literally laughed out loud. Hilarious...thank you for the body, thank you for the body. Bless the body. Why was he saying that? I think that's going to be my facebook status:)

Terry said...

I thought the Disneyland comment was pretty cool.