Monday, May 11, 2009

Easter (Slower than Christmas)

Without even planning, Ryane and Elise were wearing the same Easter dress.

The Idol Judges.

Well, a month later, here is our Easter post. I've been on the couch and in bed all day with the stomach flu so I have time to do a post!
Every year the day before easter we dye easter eggs at Rob's parent's house. Every year the egg decorating contest gets more elaborate and and much more competitive. This year, the judging was an American Idol theme...and they had their work cut-out for them. In the running for cash prizes was the Jack-in-the Box egg, Obama Chia Egg, Egg-conomy crash egg, KISS egg., Empty Tomb egg..and many more. So we dyed eggs, won some money, ate lots of homemade Mexican food.
Easter morning we do an egg hunt (for all of the adult children) at Rob's parents', go to church, and crash for a nap! Every year we get together for yet another egg hunt with our best friends, Drew and Cindy. This year my dad and Theresa came down and we all went over to Drew & Cindy's for dinner. Fun was had by all. Candy was eaten by all (mostly by Robbie, courtesy of Aunt Margaret).

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