Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Robbie loves music. He actually requests One Republic songs when we are in the car. Rob thinks he is going to be a famous musician....we'll see. (Although he does a great job playing his eucalele along with AI and the ipod) Anyhow, he does have a love for music and he has a great memory about stuff. He has officially seen 5 partial American Idol episodes in his little life. One of them happened to be when Kris sang "Apologize". Robbie now reminds us of that whenever the song comes on the ipod, "Mommy Kris sang Powgize on Ameeria Idol". SO we are now voting for Kris, thanks to Robbie's love of the Apologize song.

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K-Mama said...

I am so excited that Kris Allen won!!!! Tell Robbie I'm a fan. :)