Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cute Kids

I think my kids are cute. That may be debatable to you....but just let me think that. The kids were all ready for church the other day and we had a few miraculous minutes to spare so I took their picture. It's cute.

In other news, Elise and I got in a fight yesterday. Our first one ever. She is spitting her food out in a fine mist all over the place lately. I really think it's her way of showing us she has control....and that she is NOT into baby food anymore. I firmly said, "No spitting Elise." She started crying. Then she proceded to spit every bite I gave her, so I continued to tell her "no spitting" and tap/spank her hand. Then she would cry. Then we would do the previous steps over again. It was kind of sad for me becacuse she has been so laid back and I thought for a second that she would be a compliant child...but maybe not.
Today I actually gave her a corn dog cut into tiny pieces, which I can't actually beleive: A)I did in the first place, and B) I'm admitting to you. She liked it. Yes, I feed my children nitrites. Please feel free to keep your comments and opinions about nitrites to yourself. Elise and I did not have a fight over the corn dog. She scarfed it down like a homeless person.


Margaret said...

I think I like nitrates....& I'll probably feed them to my kids if I ever have them.

Shires Family said...

Like a homeless person! haha. I cracked up out loud in my house by myself about that one!!

K-Mama said...

You make me laugh.