Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take a Vote

I think I'm going to start a food blog. I know that's quite the announcement...but I've actually been thinking about it for quite a while and even prayed about it(gasp.)--I think it would be a good outlet for me--err whatever. I just like it.

Anyway, my biggest problem is...that I can't even think of a good name for my blog. SO, that's where my tens of blog followers come in...you can vote and help me come up with a cute and clever food blog-name. Here are some names I like (that are obviously already taken)

*Hot off the Garlic Press (too cute and clever--that's my favorite)
*Tasty Kitchen
*Pioneer Woman Cooks (I'm not sure how cute or clever that name is, but she's my favorite!)
*Hungry Girl (Amen!)
*Vanilla Sugar

I think my tagline can be: "A stay-home mom cooks gourmet food on a budget. ...and a diet." Unless a better tagline comes to mind and then...that. SO--leave a comment, and vote! (especially Kristin becacuse you have good ideas)


K-Mama said...

Hey Val...you're too funny! I would love to brainstorm some ideas...here's what just came to me as I read this (pardon the cheese factor/alliteration):

-Val's Vittles
-What's Cookin'?
-Kitchy Woman (a stretch--I'm thinking of that song...oooooo, witchy woman!)
I am not too happy with these, but will think and get back to you!!!

Beckey said...

How about:

Cookin' Mama on a Budget

K-Mama said...

Here are some more I thought of:

Mmmmmm Du Jour (translation: Mmmmm of the day)

Bon Appetit for Budgets and Butts (I think this is my favorite so far)

Beckey said...

Cookin' Mama with no Dough (or little dough or not a lot of dough)

Shawna Rae said...

This Takes The Cake!

Cooking Out Loud

Sunny Side UP

Order Desert First