Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh the Woes...

we've been without internet for five days. That's right. Five. Days. No internet. It's so sad for me. Today I called Cox...again. I was ready to fight. I had my speech all ready about how they were either going to send someone out TOday or I was goiing to find a different internet carrier. I was so mad. "Joe" got on the line and politely told me that the phone/internet outage had been fixed on....Friday afternoon! Gasp! How come my phone and internet hadn't come back on???

Joe had me unplug the modem and router....plug them back in...re-start my computer....and WAH LAH, I had high speed! You know that feeling you got in your stomach on Christmas morning as a kid....that feeling of excitement and anticipation, as if a whole new world of opportunity had opened to you? Yah, well I felt that feeling. I also got a little crush on Joe the Cox man.

He's also sending someone out to my house TO DAY to fix the phone line....which is just in the nick of time for the Tivo to upload the lineup for the rest of the week and record my shows---whew! What a relief. The woes of my job can be overwhelming. But then I have a "success" like today and I realize that my purpose as a stay at home mom is just so much more important than I could've thought! (Ok, just kidding about that last sentence, but not the rest.)

Currently, Robbie is watching the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie on repeat in my room so I can blog and FB in peace. I'm such a good mom, it just shocks me sometimes.

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K-Mama said...

LOL. I hate when the internet is out...feels like I'm in the dark ages. How sad. So what new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie is this that you speak of?????