Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New York, New York

We had such a blast in New York last week! For Rob's mom's 50th his grandma and aunt took all of us girls to NY for shopping, was great! I have a little bit of jet lag and waking up to two kids after a five day break is a bit of a reality check, but the trip was worth it. I'll post pictures soon!

While I was gone I talked to Robbie on the phone several times and once he said, "Hi Mom, I miss you. Can you come over to my house soon?" I don't really think he got where I was and why I wasn't home. Poor guy! I brought him home a couple goodies from FAO Schwartz and made up for it. I didn't think Elise would even really notice, but she got really excited to see me at the airport last night. It's always nice to be missed!

Happy 50th to Lisa! Thanks for hating surprise parties or else we would've had one of those instead of our fun trip.

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