Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Look Just Alike

Robbie 5 months.

Elise 4 months.

Everyone always tells me that Elise looks "just like Robbie". And I nod and smile, but I've never really seen the resemblance. Until I recently started browsing some old baby pics of Robbie. Now, I see. THEY LOOK a LOT ALIKE! It's crazy. Elise has a different nose and a paler skin....but they look a lot alike!

They love each other so much too, it is so sweet to watch. When robbie just walkes by her she lights up at the very sight of him. Last weekend Rob "tapped" Elise's hand and said "No spitting Elise"--she started bawling like the dramatic girl she is. Robbie looked at her, looked at me and started bawling himself. He doesn't like her to be hurt or cry or be sad for any reason. I'm sure it won't last, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does! Because soon, I'm sure he'll be the one "tapping" her and making her cry.

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K-Mama said...

I know--I so hope that Jack and Jane stay buddies...but I have a feeling it won't always be that way, considering how annoying little sisters can be (I am one!) :) Now that Jane is crawling and even pulling up on stuff (crazy--out of nowhere!), she's taking Jack's toys now and also knocking down his precious animals that he so meticulously sets up...and he has been so mad at her. I understand his frustration, but I didn't think this would happen so soon!