Sunday, August 9, 2009

healthy, well balanced meal

As always we insist on only fully nutritious, well-balanced meals for our children. As you can see from the picture. Ok, that's crap. I always said "no fruit snacks" or "no juice" or "no candy" for my kids. I knew I just wouldn't ever give my kids junk to eat or bribe them to behave, or yell at them in public, or have the screaming toddler in far almost everything I said "I will never..." I have ended up doing. Parenting is not what you imagine it will be like. Sometimes it is n't worth making an issue about a cookie at the grocery store or a juice box at a birthday party. Just go with it and brush your kids' teeth before they go to bed.

Robbie was eating a chocolate donut for breakfast at the cabin the other day and ended up with a perfect chocolate mustache. Pretty cute, but again just evidence of our nutritional neglect. (Never mind the cash and perscription drugs in the background either)

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K-Mama said...

You are too funny, Val--you are right...there are so many things that we all thought we'd NEVER do as parents. I was such a good mom BEFORE I had kids, that's for sure!! You are awesome and your kids know that. And just as some things are more of an issue for some parents, and not so much for others; it's just what works and keeps us sane!