Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ever and After

Rob is out of town for the week--which we all hate and miss him terribly. But, Aunt Margaret to the rescue! (cue Super Woman theme song) So tonight we took the two kids all the way to Avondale to Hobby Lobby looking for a giant "R" for robbie's room. (Which I didn't find if you're wondering.) As we were walking out of the store Margaret said, "Robbie, can I sit in your carseat?" He said no. Margaret said, "What...are you saying I'm fat?" Robbie replied, "You're as fat as the ever and after."

We just laughed and laughed. He is such a funny kid...and thankfully "Aunt Margaret" thought it was funny too and she doesn't have a complex. And as I'm writing this I'm still laughing. He is seriously soo funny. Also on the way home he said he didn't need to go home and go to bed, he was "going to Jack's house to have a party."

P.S. In case you're wondering I used the last bit of rotisserie chicken Sunday night to make a chicken pesto pizza with sundried tomatoes. Seriously, if you haven't picked up a chicken at Costco or Sam's Club-you should.

P.S.S. I should mention that one reason this quote from Robbie was so hilarious could've been that directly prior to the jaunt to Hobby Lobby, I backed out of my garage and directly into my sister's car because I had so many donations to take to Goodwill I couldn't see out the window. We laughed a lot. Her car is a giant heap of crap and we all hate it so it was funny and not tragic.


Shires Family said...

Val! U crack me up! Love reading your blog!!

K-Mama said...

You are so funny Val! And let's do have a party at our house! :)

Also, they have giant "R's" at Michael's! You may have to paint it because they're plain wood, but you're the crafty queen, so...

And tonight--I thought of you--because I cooked a rotiss. chicken from Sprouts (that cost $1!!) in the MICROWAVE. It's a Pampered Chef recipe--and it's in the special deep covered baker. Only took 30 minutes and it was actually very juicy! Just used olive oil, italian seasoning from PC and fresh garlic. Brushed it on, zapped it, and voila--dinner for $1!! Not bad! You are inspiring me. :)