Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Magical Cardboard Box

We finally replaced our bar stools a few weeks ago. I had sold my cheesy dorm-room style bar stools for $5 on craigslist.com because I just couldn't stand them one more day. So we went without for about a year, which really isn't a big deal. BUT THEN I was walking in Sam's Club....and there they were. The perfect set of two barstools that matched my table exactly so Rob and I made a deal...if I could buy the barstools (for $114) then he could buy a new phone (for $199). Now that I'm writing this I realize that it wasn't a very fair deal...I should've at least thrown in a pair of jeans or something since I waas getting something practical for the house and he was getting a "toy"...but I won't digress any further and tell you about the Christmas that he got $400 cash and I got a new vacuum sweeper.

Anyway, we brought home the stools...and --GASP, they were completely assembled. It was a Christmas miracle, seriously. (just a little earlier than Christmas) They look great and we are really happy to have somewhere to sit. All that story to say....We put the big cardboard box that the stools came in, into Robbie's bedroom and I am completely convinced that there was fairy dust sprinkled on that box or some sort of magical spell on it. Robbie played for HOURS in that box over the course of a week. He would be just quietly playing cars in his little box or playing "store" or whatever he was doing I didn't even care, he was completely self-sufficiently entertaining himself with a dumb box.

Now to the sad part of the story...Rob cleaned up the back yard and trimmed all of the bushes last weekend so he needed a place to stick all of the bush-parts for trash....and he used the box. So, the box is no more. Thankfully I got a really cute picture of the kids in it before it departed our lives forever.

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K-Mama said...

I have yet to introduce my kids to a large magic box! What kind of mother am I?!?! I've seriously thought about it, but realized that it would be costly because I'd actually have to BUY something to GET the darn box! What comes in a huge box that costs under $10? Let me know if you think of anything--and I'll invite Robbie over. Heehee.