Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Freaking Dog

If before today I was in the running for "mother of the year" I'm not anymore. This afternoon we were leaving my mom's house in Flagstaff heading home after my brother's wedding weekend (which i will blog more about later!) and the following conversation ensued:

Robbie: "Mommy where's Tom?"
Me: "Oh crap! We forgot our freaking dog!"
We turn around and go to pick up the dog.
Robbie: "Hi Freaking Tom."
Me: Laughing and rolling eyes at Rob.
Robbie: "Mom, now you forgot your freaking car." (Margaret drove it home.)

In case you are wondering, I do realize that saying the word freaking in itself is not ladylike or even common good manners. So, now I have had to apologize to my child for using inappropriate words and explain to him why he can't say "freaking". Lovely...

(But it did provide a good laugh and some fodder for the blog)


Headcased Housewife said...

Whew! So glad I'm not the only one who has this problem. I swear, freaking is my favorite word, but I've been working on a new one (for the LOVE!) and hoping it sticks ever since the neighbor called and said Kiya told her I would FREAK OUT if Kiya didn't finish her lunch. Lovely!

K-Mama said...

Hey--Jack has said, "Jack smokes crack" because of how Matt likes to rhyme with his name. NOT a good rhyme--and it could actually lead to my arrest, or at least a visit from CPS, if said to the wrong person.

Shires Family said...

Matt and I DIED reading this! I love your blog!!!