Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Splish Splash

Now that Elise is sitting up on her own.....she can take a bath with Robbie!! My life has pretty much been revolutionized this summer: she holds her own bottle, Robbie can get himself dressed, and I can 2-in-1 their baths. Pretty great. It's enough to make me not want to have any more children, it's getting a bit easier. (knock on wood)

Then, Rob told me he may have to go to China for 4 weeks. Being a single mom has never been one of my goals in life. Definitely no more children, at least no time soon. Four. Weeks. In. China. I'm pretty sure I needn't say any more about that.

Anyway--back to the subject. The kiddos take baths together, they both love it--it's great. I can read a book to kill the afternoon while they play in the bath if I am desperate enough to survive the day. (while sitting in the bathroom watching them of course.)

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K-Mama said...

The bathroom scene looks and sounds identical to the one at my house! The kids LOVE bathing together like that (don't you freakin' love that bath seat?!) and I get out my Better Home and Gardens magazine and browse away. Oh, and amen to the no more kids for awhile (and maybe for good! Who knows--God does and will let us know!) :)

On a different note, so sorry to hear about Rob possibly going to China for 4 weeks. We MUST plan a few playdates in there--I miss you! And you know that on the days Matt's at work (not back to shift work) that I am home alone for over 24 hours and LOVE to kill time in those painfully slow hours of 5-7pm. :)