Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Four Christmases" has nothing on us!

Here's Volume 1 of our Christmas 2009 Extravaganza. I'll upload pics of each event. We have a gazillion pictures so I'm just posting a few of us and you can imagine the rest! We started Christmas out with a little time with Aunt Margaret before she left for TX and Robbie was soo excited to open a few gifts. Then off to Christmas Eve morning at Rob & Lisa's (Rob's parents). They go a little crazy at Christmas and we had such a blast hanging out with the family, having breakfast, and opening presents. We still get spoiled like little kids. I can't really explain to you how fun Christmas is unless you have your own kids. Watching your kids giggle and oohhh and ahhh as they open their presents and then jump up and down and scream when they finally get the last wrapping off is so magical.
Christmas Eve night we had some good friends over for dinner. It was a lot of fun to just relax and spend time with our best friends that we don't get to see very often. All five kids were so good and played together really well so Cindy and I could actually have a conversation! A Christmas miracle if you will.

Christmas Morning we got the kids up around 7 and they got to see what Santa brought. Robbie got a new bike and a custom kids set of golf clubs (Which of course every almost-four year old needs.) Elise got a little car to ride (be pushed) in. Along with loads of gifts in the stockings and under the tree from us and my mom and stepdad. Then we headed off to Mona and Papa Boo's for breakfast ....and you guessed it! More presents for the kiddos (and us).
Christmas day we drove down to Tucson to spend a couple days with Pam and David (Rob's other set of parents). And...yes, more gifts. A delicious prime rib dinner and playing the wii. Little Robbie, Rob and David went golfing the day after Christmas and Robbie got to use his new clubs!
From Tucson, we went straight to Flagstaff (yawn...long drive). Rob had a business meeting here Monday and Tuesday and we've been hanging around in our pj's ever since. Monday night we had dinner at my Dad's house with them and....wait for it....more gifts!

Wednesday night we're off to my Mom and stepdad's house for dinner. No more gifts. We're done with that! But Four Christmases has no idea how many Christmases it could be. I think we're up to six. Overall we had a great Christmas vacation celebrating with family and friends and most of all Jesus.

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