Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are we there yet?

Rob's gone for another two weeks. Yuck. I'm sure if I was married to someone that I didn't like very much it could be a nice thing that he travels. But I do like him. So it's not a nice thing that he travels. We all miss him so much. This time I made a paper chain for Robbie on the fridge so he could take a link off every morning and count down to the "sleeps" until Daddy comes home.
Today is the first day that I reeeeaaallly feel like, "Are we there yet?" I don't even think I really like my kids anymore. I'm sure deep down I still like them, but just not warm fuzzies. (Don't worry, I still love them--but that's different)
Anyway, the picture above is kind of representative of what Robbie has been up to since his dad has been gone. Shenanigans. That's what. The other day at naptime he colored all over himself with what is supposedly a washable marker because he wanted to be a "bad guy". He was pretty impressed with the results, which is good because it took three days of scrubbing intervals to get the blue marker off.
Three more sleeps people. We can make it.


K-Mama said...

Check your email, I want to help you!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, poor Val. :(