Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Wondering Vol. 1

Just wondering if anyone else notices that Wal Mart has 32 lanes available....and usually only opens 3. What the heck is up with that?!! Why do they insist on spending lots of dough on the register, the moving belt, the light-up numbered sign....when they have no intention of using it---ever? I. Just. Don't. Get. It. Couldn't they "rollback" prices even more if they just built the three regsters they were planning to use?

Every time I go there I promise myself to never come back. And then I do.

Just wondering if anyone else notices this phenomenon.


Tree said...

Amen, sister! I usually become physco mom because my kids drive me crazy in the long line!

Margaret said...

Ummm yes I've definitally noticed that! I usually go in there just to buy like 4 things because I can save a combined $3...then when my heart starts racing because I'm so annoyed that there is 27 unopened lanes I leave them on the magazine rack and go to Target

Little House in the Desert said...

Yeah... and we always fool ourselves into going into the "self check out" lane because no one is there (there is a reason for that!) thinking it will be faster...they are so hard to use!--impossible to get the things to scan--produce is impossible to look up--things scan twice or it starts to yell at you because you didn't put your item in the bag...or you lean against it and it says "unidentified item in the bagging area!" And I think we are duped into going to that line every other time--what are we thinking--like maybe this time we've figured it out??? I look at the normal line that was so long and by the time we are done with the "self check out" had we just stood in that line we would have already been through. Geesh--I hear ya sister! Walmart is a pain. Just went there last night. But they are selling $5 organic cotton little boys t-shirts so that was a steal. Oh--and I got my son THE cutest Disney Cars slippers ever and he won't take them off. So I guess it was worth it :)