Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Arizona State Fair

Happy girl as usual.

Over my dead body.

Lego building tent. Free!

Having Lived in Arizona for 13 years you may be shocked to know that my first visit to the fair was yesterday. Or you may just chuckle under your breath and know why I may not have been there. The Arizona State Fair has many positive attractions---Police motorcycles, Fire trucks, free farm area for kids, 12-pound corn dogs (possibly an over-exaggeration). However there are also a few ...not so positive attractions--"Carnies", smoke, filth, obesity lurking behind every food station waving you in and enticing you with said corndogs, smoked turkey legs, homemade lemonade, Navajo tacos, deep-fried twinkies and Oreos.....the list goes on. I'm sure the typical family goes into the fair and drops a good $150 but thanks to Rob's grandparents who are on the Board we had guest passes, free parking passes, free rides it was a great couple hours for our little family.

We got there right at 10 when they open-- saw the sights, rode a few rides, ate the enormous corndog (which was a bargain at $9 when the single dog fed our entire family). Robbie played the pitching game and won an enormous inflatable baseball bat which really has no purpose on this earth besides enticing 4 year olds to beg their parents to spend money on a game they aren't capable of playing correctly....but it made him happy, which in turn made us happy so we really enjoyed ourselves.

Apparently Robbie has no memory of his first visit to Disneyland at 18 months-old, because he was so taken-in and infatuated with it that he has not ceased talking about it for two days and proudly shows off that inflatable bat to anyone who will listen to his ramblings about his trip to the fair. Take that Disneyland! The Arizona State Fair was more memorable to our child! Ha! Thanks so much for the day at the Fair Mona and Papa Boo! Until next year here are a few pics to keep you company.

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