Thursday, October 1, 2009

Camping...After the Fact

Apparently I've gotten a little behind on life's events! Over Labor Day we went Camping up in Pinetop Lakeside with Rob's mom and her husband. We had a blast. The weather cooperated for the most part, no one got hurt or sick, and we ate our a good time was had by all.
Something I'm learning from all the blogging is that I'm the only person taking pictures around here...and as much as I don't usually enjoy pictures of myself, I think it's high time I was in one or two so that my kids know I was on these outings, trips, events with them! So I'm going to have to remind Rob to take some pics of me, and suck it up and post them even if I don't think they turn out. So there. And P.S. preferably of my "good side" with my chin up and no bad arm pics.
Anyway, thanks for the great time Pam and David! We need to do it more often!

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