Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Rob's business is called Procerex. They make crowns, sell them, etc. He and his dad and his brothers own the business, the sales guys take cookies to doctors offices when they visit. Which is kind of a funny situation because they are visiting dentists...and bringing them sugary lattes and cookies...and the doctors offices LOVE them. But--I digress. I make the cookie dough and my sisters in law and I bake the cookies. So once a week I make 20 dozen chocolate chip cookies and I always keep a few back or else Rob gets fussy with me! Surprisingly enough I don't even eat the cookies anymore they actually make me a little nauseas just looking at them. Pretty much every single member of our family is employed by this company in some way. I'm loving a little extra "cookie money".

Yesterday Elise got her first chocolate chip cookie. Needless to say she LOOOOVED it. She was so proud of herself. There is no way unless over my dead body that Robbie at 10 1/2 months would've been eating cookies. I was going to be a "healthy" mom. Apparently I've gotten over that idealism. If a cookie makes my kid happy while I clean the kitchen, then so be it! Rob left yesterday for two weeks so whatever it takes to keep my sanity while he's gone will be done!

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