Monday, July 27, 2009

Mother of the Year

Well, the other day after a llloooonnnng week without Rob I was carelessly shuffling groceries into the house in the 113 degree weather. Grabbing the last bag with my pinkie, I slammed the car door with my hip and started heading to the house. Robbie started screaming his head off and I assumed he had wanted to shut the door himself (and if you're wondering, yes-- him wanting to shut the door could cause a fit of this magnitude.) But, as I slowly looked around I saw that his little hand was shut into the backside of the door. Lovely. I burst into tears, dropped all of my groceries and got his poor hand out.

I rushed him into the house and got a bowl of ice water for him to put his hand in. I asked him after a couple of minutes, "would some chocolate pudding make you feel better?" He replied, "No but chocolate milk will". One chocolate milk, coming right up!

Attached is a pic of him with Batman tatoo bandaids on every finger.

Thankfully my little man was very forgiving.

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