Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, Rob had to preach this weekend as he does every summer and it pretty much brings our house to a screeching stop. No noise. No fun. No activity or talking. Just studying. The. Whole. Weekend. For two weekends no less. BUT, in the end he does a great job and God really speaks through him. All that is background information for the purpose of this post. Last night while I was looking for something soundless to fill my night, I opened up my laptop and stumbled upon this: Once you look at this glorious website, you will understand why I spent the next four hours reading through her entire blog and salivating. I heart cooking, even more than that I LOVE does Rob and Robbie and so far Elise can hang too. I plan to make almost everything on her entire website because it all looks droolingly delicious.

For example, this: Which I promptly went to the store after church today to buy the ingredients for, and Rob and I have eaten half of so far.

Which brings me to my point. EXERCISE. Exer.Cise. Whatever---I exercise for the sheer purposes of: 1. fitting into jeans (not a bikini, just jeans. I like to set my goals at an attainable level) and 2. eating. I love to eat. The purpose of exercise to me is to allow me to eat more than carrots and hummus on any given day. (Being a healthy person is just an after thought for me. I'm shallow. So sue me.)

All of this makes me sometimes want to do my own cooking blog. I don't follow recipes though (unless I'm baking, which I rarely do) which would make it very difficult to try to teach someone else how to do. So anyway, all that rambling to let you all know (if there are any "all" out there reading this) that I will be going to the gym tomorrow. To work off the cake that I have eaten today.

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K-Mama said...

I looked at the Pioneer Woman blog and love it! Thanks for sharing.

I love her sense of humor too--wouldn't expect that with a cooking blog. You should totally do your own by the it something like, "Throwin' it all together"--I don't know, just an idea since you don't follow recipes. I'd follow it!