Friday, July 31, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust!

Well, for those of you who are wondering, "exactly how many siblings of marrying age does Rob have?"....well none left that are single! (Sorry Ladies!) Jesse and Hannah got married last weekend and what a great love story they have! Jesse fell for Hannah's beauty when they were at Summer Camp their early High School years! They dated for a coupple years in High School, broke up....(meanwhile Hannah NEVER could get over him) got back together a few months ago...the rest is history!

Funnily enough Hannah was AT our wedding and she and her sister even decorated the front porch of the cabin with toole....those were the days!
So happy for them. Rob was a groomsmen, I was a bridesmaid, Robbie was a ring bearer--Margaret watched Elise during the wedding! She really does help raise our children. Everything went really well even though Robbie refused to carry the pillow. Hannah was so excited and happy she didn't even notice!
Unfortunately I was too moronic to take a picture of the happy couple together, or even....with us. Oh well. We know where they live.

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