Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Beach

This is a long-overdue post, I have no excuses. It just is. But, I'm making an effort to catch up and it's 3 a.m. and I can't sleep (which is usual at this point in my pregnancy) so I thought, why not catch up now?

This year, Rob has travelled a LOT. We miss him. He's been to China no less than 4 times so far this year and planning to go again in November for another 2 weeks. So when he was gone in May we planned a little family vacaton once he came home, which ended up being over Mother's Day Weekend. We borrowed my parents' camper and booked a beach camp spot in Carlsbad and went for 3 nights. We had such a fun time and decided this should be an annual event for the Laizure's. Our campspot literally looked over the ocean and it was just a short walk down a flight of stairs to the actual beach. It was a little complicated having Elise with us, because she still wasn't walking (sigh) so a little scooter on the beach makes life a little harder...and sand-ier. Overall though we had such a great trip.

Because this was our "vacation" on our own this year and we saved so much by camping we ate out a lot, which we LOVE to do but don't do very often. We found our favorite new place in Carlsbad, that of course I can't remember the name of but we got the most delicous and gigantic fish tacos ever. I think it might be The Harbor Fish Cafe? We also went to my favorite outlet mall and got some goods for the whole family (incuding a Coach bag for me! It was 50% off, plus an extra 20% off that day so wo can turn that down? It was Mother's Day after all.) Maybe we should just go to the beach every time Rob comes home from China?...

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