Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't Mess with Texas

This summer Rob's grandparents took the entire family on a European vacation for two weeks. It was so much fun and I promise to post pictures and blog about it later, but before we went Robbie, Elise and I went to TX to visit my sister and her family and to drop Elise off. Elizabeth and Steven graciously kept Elise for two weeks while we were gone (and kept the three of us for 5 days before that!). I so intended to be a great aunt/mom and do fun stuff with the kids and take loads of pictures to remember our trip. But, I didn't. Some things never change, what can I say? While we were there we went to the zoo, celebrated Toby's 4th birthday and did some shopping. I wish she lived closer. Or we lived closer. Their house is so adorable--a brick two story with a huge yard with lots of trees and a huge garden and they live on possibly the cutest street in the entire world. Maybe we should move there....

We had a great time and then she kept Elise for me for the two weeks while we were gone and then my mom went to stay a few days and flew Elise home to Phoenix for me. I am blessed. Now I want them to go on vacation and let me keep their boys--I love them!

On the plane ride there, of course I had arrived WAY early to the airport, in typical Laizure style. Turns out when travelling alone with two kids, you can get to the airport too early. Robbie angelically played with his ipod the entire time we waited. Elise was not so angelic. She wanted out of her stroller so she just threw a fit and threw food around and was generally disastrous. Then right as we were boarding the plane I gave her a tiny dose of Benadryl hoping to help her fall asleep. Thankfully she did fall asleep--right as we were getting on. Unfortunately there was some lightbulb that needed to be replaced so we sat on the runway for an hour while they screwed in a lightbulb?...and then when we finally taxi'd down the runway and took off, Elise woke up. And I can say without hesitation I can't imagine what she could've done to behave worse. I was the parent that everyone was staring/glaring at and wishing that screaming kid would shut up. (I agreed. I wished she would shut up too.) She hit me in the eye with her toy cell phone, hit Robbie, bit my shoulder, and generally was completely disobedient, disruptive, and develish. The entire flight I just prayed that she would be better for my mom when my mom flew her back. Of course she was better for my mom. She slept the entire flight with Mom, no crying-no issues--no fits.

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K-Mama said...

Ugh. I was just telling Matt that it's so unfair that moms do all the hard work and their kids act the worst with them...Jane is the EXACT same way. She's totally fine when I'm not around (so the rumor goes) and as soon as I arrive, she becomes her whiny self again. SOOO irritating, and even a little depressing.