Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vegas Baby

You know what they say about Vegas....What happens there, stays there. As you can guess we got pretty crazy our weekend in Vegas--with my four year old. NOT! Although little Robbie and Uncle Chuck and my Dad did get a little freaky in their funny way.

We had a blast. I was soo thankful that I didn't bring Elise. Robbie was an angel but I don't think Elise would've been up for the challenge! I'm sure this is a big surprise, but...Vegas isn't a very kid-friendly place. My aunt and uncle were so great with Robbie, I wish they lived closer.

I've become a pretty lazy picture taker so these are the only ones I have to show for the entire weekend, unfortunately none of them showcase the family we were there to visit...but oh well. We got Spongebob so that's what's important right?

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