Monday, March 8, 2010

Gardening from a Black Thumb...

So I'm pretty sure that I've blogged about my lack of horticulture prowess as i've tried to grow basil several times to no success. So we (really, "we") decided this year we are going to succeed at growing basil whatever that takes. However many plants we have to blow through, we will figure out basil. And then hopefully "next year" we can move on to something super adveturous like...parsley or even cilantro.

Then last week Rob took a day off (cue Hallelujah chorus) and we went to the Home Depot to get the minimal gardening supplies that we needed for our basil plant. These supplies would've included: basil plants, gardening soil, and maybe some Miracle Gro. What we left with was $90 worth of fruit and vegetable plants and seeds, three bags of gardening soil, and fencing our our new patio garden. Rob was feeling veeery capable and positive and really was convinced that "we" could do this whole gardening thing. In Phoenix in the summer. (AKA Hell). So Thursday we planted broccoli, zuchini, watermelon, canelope, jalapenos, red and yellow bell peppers, and of course several basil plants.

I promise to keep you posted on how quickly this fails. the growth of the garden progresses. Thanks to our friends Nate and Terah we have some "gardening specialists" on call. They aren't quite annoyed with us yet...but they will be.


Terah said...

We'll never get annoyed! Since I'm not planting this year I'll love watching yours grow!

K-Mama said...

I am inspired. Just not enough to do something yet.