Sunday, March 21, 2010


I haven't been so faithful to blog on the family blog.
Here are the reasons:
*I'm pregnant AND I have two small children AND I am focussing on getting my food blog going.
*I don't seem to take picures anymore....hmmm I need to. So then I'm bummed I don't have pictures to post so I just don't post anything.
*Rob travels all the time lately and has been gone well over 2 weeks right now so I'm just keeping my head above water.

SO anyway, Here's some updates on the family. I'm pregnant....I think I mentioned that in the previous list of excuses, but in case you didn't know I'm almost 4 months pregnant and due September 12th. Elise and the baby will be a little closer in age than we had "planned" but it isn't really about our plans at all--right? Rob is really hoping for a boy...and I'm really hoping this is my last child to bear so I'm kind of pulling for a boy too so he'll be happy and I can be done. I LOVe my kids so much, but I also know my own limits which I feel will be reached at 2.5 children so I'll already be pushing it! I'll keep you posted, we should find out mid-end of April what I'm having.

Elise is officially 16 months old and not walking. I feel confident that she will not go to Kindergarten doing her wierd scoot but I am So ready for her to walk. She destroys all of her clothing!!

The Garden....I know you're all waiting with baited breath and checking the blog daily to see what the garden updates to put your wait to an end--all three basil plants are dead. DEAD. Like hopeless. One jalapeno plant seems to be dying but the rest of the plants are growing taller!!!! AHH~!! We planted seeds for the watermelon and canelope and I am SO excited to report that three watermelon seeds have sprouted up so far! The canelope isn't showing any progress but I did find some actual plants for honeydew at Lowe's so I may get a couple of those if the canelope doesn't sprout soon! Keep an eye out for my farm stand on the driveway....ok so probably not but I may get some veggies to grill for a dinner or two which would be fun too.

Rob has been gone over two weeks and doesn't come home unti Thursday. We really. really. really. miss him. Like really. I've decided that if we didn't get along and he didn't help me with the kids it would be a lot easier to have him gone so much. We're really excited to have a family weekend when he comes home. I think my kids will sleep in our bed because they're goign to be watching him!

Last weekend Margaret, Robbie and I went to Vegas to visit my aunt and uncle who were there on business. We had such a blast and I actually took 2 or 3 pictures so I'll try to update on that this week!


Shires Family said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! Yay babies!! :) I'm so stoked for you guys!! I hope the time goes by really fast till Rob gets back home! You are amazing. Matt leaves for a couple hours and I feel like I may fall apart. You must be super mom!!

K-Mama said...

You ARE super mom, Val!! I just love you and your honesty too. :) I love that you're not afraid to say that you know your limits (I'm with ya there and think we may have reached them, but I also have a husband who for some reasons wants another baby...) Look back at what you just wrote--you are raising a family, a couple vegetables, a dog, taking care of a home, visiting family out of town--and all with a sense of humor. We should all aspire to do the same! Hang in there!!!! At least you won't take your hubby and marriage for granted like so many women do (myself included, at times).

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Little House in the Desert said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! I visited your food blog--looks so neat!