Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spiderman Mania

This is a bit of an afterthought, but hey--since I'm now the blogging queen I thought all of my followers (ok--there aren't any yet) would love to see some pics of Robbie's Spiderman birthday party. I have to admit that I am one of those people that swears I will never put my kids in light-up Nemo shoes, let them wear a Wall-E sweatshirt, or carry a Diego backpack to school...but my almost three year-old specifically asked for a Spiderman birthday cake. To which, I replied, "Yes I know you think Spidey is cool, but don't you think a cowboy birthday party would be so cool?!" He answered, "No--I want a SPIDERMAN birthday cake." Well, what do you say to that? So we had a Spiderman birthday party, which I must say was quite a hit with the kiddos and Robbie loved it so I guess at some point you have to just swallow your pride and let your kid wear those dang light-up Elmo shoes (or in this case, have a giant inflatable Spiderman bounce house). So--that's what we did. Mona Lee and Papa Rob were generous enough to let us use their home for the party and only a couple fights broke out between the three year-olds over the gun/sword he got from Uncle Sean and Aunt Brecken so I'd say it was a hit. And a bonus: My sister and nephews were here from TX to enjoy the festivities.
I can't beleive my baby boy is 3 (his bday is Jan 12th). It wasn't long ago that I thought people with kids were boring and old and lived a somewhat pathetic how time changes things!

Oh--and PS, a few days before the party Robbie informed me that he didn't want Spiderman, he wanted Batman--NICE!

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Karenk said...

Great job, Val! Love it! Don't worry too much about those light up Elmo insists on wearing a way too big pair of hand me down Spiderman shoes every day (I finally threw them out to the Goodwill and keep telling him they are lost!) Kids are so funny! You have inspired me to update my blog Take care!