Saturday, February 14, 2009


Finally, a long-awaited entry about baby girl. My mom gave me a harsh scolding because she hasn't seen Elise in 6 weeks....or a picture of her in that long. SOO--I finally took some pictures and here she is. She has officially grown out of the extra-terrestrial stage and we find her cute. Really cute actually. You can decide for yourself. But you can also just tell us she's cute because we're her parents and we'll think that no matter what. (Except for when she was first born...not cute.)

She's holding her head up really well (ok, she still bobs, but we're proud of her) and she's also super smiley. Not bad for 11 weeks.


Terah said...

She IS cute!!! So cute. I may just have to stop by your house this week...I still haven't actually seen this doll in person! Love the new blog design by the way.

Lisa said...

Hi Val! It's Lisa Shepherd! I saw your blog link on Megan's blog, so I came here to see how you guys are doing! Congratulations on your newest addition- she's adorable!!! It's been so long, it looks like you guys are doing great. By the way, I love your blog!! :)