Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cox Cable Throws an Elbow

As you can see, we like TV. There was once a time that I thought this was a bad thing and denied my love of TV and really tried to not watch. I'm past that--we just like it. Rob and I both have a severe addiction to Grey's Anatomy (which he refers to as:"Sex in the City" meets "ER", which also by the way does not stop us from watching). I do try to allow my son to only watch in moderate amounts ...but if I let him he would be a couch potato. But, back to Cox Cable-- during the Budget Crisis of 2006 we cancelled all unneccessary household items (call waiting, caller id, extended cable, eating out...) this was not a fun time for us--but necessary as we knew God had called me to be a stay-home mom.

SO--we called Cox, went down to just the bare-bones basic cable...but they never turned it off! We called again to let them know that we were recieving services we were not paying for. They never did anything. We never complained. We got accustomed to cable. Monday---they realized we had been recieving free services and turned us off!!! The nerve! I think they do this on purpose--let us have something for free that we wouldn't choose to afford ....then just turn it off after they have us all hooked on the niceties of HGTV, Food Network, the Golf Channel, and what?

Withdrawls. Serious withdrawls. It's hard to say who this will be hardest on, but i'm pretty sure it starts with an "r" and ends in "obbie". He cried this morning b/c we had no Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes left on Tivo...and live episodes are now unavailable!

Ahh--just another day in Laizureland.


Margaret said...

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe it! Are you going to start paying for it then? You can't go without it! I love that you posted those pictures to prove that especially Robbie is addicted to TV:)

Karenk said...

The same thing happened to us with the cable! We had free cable for two years..and we kept trying to tell them to turn it off (being the honest folk that we are) but we finally gave up! Then, a month ago..bam, no cable. Pooh! Must be the economy...forcing those poor guys to work harder!! One of my old students, his uncle actually founded Cox! I'll have to pick a bone with him. In the meantime, take your Tivo box over to a neighbor's or friend's, download as much stuff as you can in a few hours, and viola! Robbie will have a whole new set of shows to watch! OR there are those DVDs still in the plastic sitting on the shelf..or is that just at my house?? Keep making me laugh, Val! My new years resolution is to laugh more and you do it for me! :)