Friday, November 20, 2009

Neighborhood Fun

Elise and "Pickles" playin' around. They're only a couple months apart.

Owen and Robbie strapping on the pads for a 10 second skate!

Aunt Margaret stopped by too.

We have great neighbors. They all seem to have kids our kids' age. Or kids a bit older who like to play with our kids and works out great! Lately Rob and Jason (next door) have been into doing bonfires in the front yard, which seems somewhat whitetrash-ish but it's really fun and everyone comes out and roasts a weenie or a marshmallow and the kids tire themselves out. Last Friday for the first time....since I can't remember Rob was home early so he took a lawn chair out and Robbie and his bud Owen next door rode bikes, attempted to skate, and did scooters together. Before you know it---the whole neighborhood is out so we all ordered pizza and did another fire. It was fun. I'm thankful for our fun neighborhood!

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