Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The neighbor gang!

Go Go Power Rangers, Joey & Elijah

Hannah and Jesse stopped by too!

Here's one for the wedding video

Lady's Man

Rob and I dressed as Super Heroes for an adult party the week before. Robbie wanted to join in too.

Grandma and Grandpa Trick-or Treating

Nothing but the healthiest of snacks for my kids.

The happy little fairy

Spiderman was a very popular costume this year!

Halloween week was really something to count down for. Every day we kept track of "sleeps" until the big day. On Thursday Robbie was talking to my mom on the phone and he said, "Grammy what are you being for Halloween? Just Sheri?"
Halloween was a grand celebration this year. It's always a drag for everyone when the day finally comes and then the kids have to wait ALL day to put on costumes and do trick or treating and then go straight to bed. So, my friend Cindy had an idea to do a little Halloween Carnival for the kids during the morning to help kill the day. It was so much fun! Leading up to the grand event Robbie kept asking "When's Aunt Cindy's birthday party?"

She went possibly a tiny bit overboard but it was adorable and she had so many great ideas of cute little Halloween games. Then the kids got a "prize bag" when they completed all of the games and ate lunch and decorated cookies and ate cupcakes and ran around the cul-desac like a bunch of wild animals AND most of all, took reeeaaallly long naps on a day when they would've talked through their naps out of excitement!

Thanks for the par-tay Cindy!

Then Grandma and Grandpa came (Rob's mom Pam and her husband) from Tucson.

Then we had a block party.

Then we went trick-or-treating.

Then we had a bonfire and the kids ate entire buckets of candy.

A little much I know, but hey--it was fun and we got to meet some new neighbors and hang out with the ones we already know! The kids all looked adorable. At one point while trick-or-treating (to a whole five houses) Robbie said, "Hey...there's a train!" Ran up to a kid he'd never met and said, "Hey dude! Nice costume!" Pretty hilarious

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