Thursday, April 8, 2010

Laptop Magazine Bonding

Rob is a bit of a closet nerd. He loves technology and researches it thoroughly for no reason...such as stalking Laptop Magazine when he has no intention of buying a laptop in the near future. (I think.) Anyway, Rob has pretty much asked me EVERY day since Christmas if his laptop magazine has come in. And of course I wasn't hiding it in the bathroom or anything so it hadn't come. day last week IT CAME! Not only did the current issue came, the next month came at the same time which pretty much made his day. So of course naturally as soon as dinner was over he sat on the couch and began devouring the technology info into his gigantic brain. Robbie just couldn't help himself. He had to join in and check out the second issue. He actually sat there for 15 minutes looking at the pictures in the magazine which is pretty impressive. (Unless he was secretly reading it and then that would be even more impressive.)