Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monster Craze

Up until two weeks ago, I never knew what "Monster Jam" was. Maybe a Monsters dress-up group? Some kind of party sponsored by Monster drink? No, Monster Jam is a monster truck show/competition. And now "we" are obsessed with it as a family.

Our friend Craig found a deal on tickets and a few guys took their boys. So far it has been the most memorable thing Robbie has done in his life. He was so infatuated with it, they stayed there until 10:30 at night, and on the 45 minute drive home all three boys in the car stayed awake talking about Grave Digger, their favorite monster truck. Apparently Robbie even made up a song about Grave Digger on the way home. Their tickets included "pitt passes" so they got to go down and look at all of the monster trucks up close. Monster Jam will now be an annual tradition in our family and I think next year we may all go and take Elise. (I think it's a toss-up as to who had more fun: the little boys, or the dads.)

The next day Robbie could not stop talking about the show so Rob pulled up a video on the internet and all three of them sat around the messy armoire watching the video for quite a while.

It's so much fun to see your kids just enjoy something so much. No one can explain that to you until you have your own.

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